The Book

I Wish You Were MineAn unsuspecting American student finds herself in the center of Hitler’s war in Munich, order Germany. It was the onset of World War II, and she was far from her home and parents in Philadelphia.

Witness to her professor’s arrest by the Gestapo was in itself shocking; however, it became personally devastating as only a severed first love can be. The story follows Frieda’s organized work through a leafleting effort meant to undermine the Nazi war machine. It follows her work with the OSS in Washington, D.C., as well as in the war-stricken European theatre where she searches for clues about her professor’s whereabouts.

Did he survive Concentration Camp Dachau? Was he dead or alive?

The authors have carefully researched the history of the time in preparation for writing this story. The story was inspired by true relationships.

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